We’re excited to welcome Marcus Polinelli to our Swan Hill team!

Marcus joins our Swan Hill store in our retail department. Marcus is a local, originally from Ultima. Growing up on cropping and sheep farm he brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Marcus has spent the last five year in Wagga Wagga NSW. We look forward to having him in our store. If you see him around please make sure to say hi and make him feel welcome!

Name: Marcus Polinelli

Nickname: Polly

Position at SHC: Retail team member

Favourite food: Chicken Parma

Three hobbies outside of work: Shooting, Fishing, Footy

Favourite travel destination: Anywhere costal

AFL team: Western Bulldogs

Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Three famous people you’d like to have dinner with? Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler

Fun Fact: All seasons of the year are names after coils of metal. Except winter, summer and autumn.



We are excited to welcome Oscar Amy to our Swan Hill Store!

Oscar will be joining the Swan Hill Store as Retail Manager. Oscar comes to us with a vibrant and happy can do attitude and a willingness to learn. He has previous experience in sales and customer services. We look forward to having Oscar on board, please make him feel welcome next time you call into 20 Nyah Road.

Contact Oscar today for all your Home Garden and lawn care needs.


Get to know Oscar better!!

Nickname: Oz / Ozzy

Favourite food: Lamb kebab with salad & garlic sauce

Three hobbies outside of work: Boating, camping, fishing

Favourite travel destination: Bruny Island

AFL team: Hawthorn

Favourite movie: Star Wars (all)

Three famous people you would invite to dinner: Roger Federer, Ray Charles, Gordon Ramsay

Fun Fact: I enjoy a good ‘dad joke’


Clearfield Cereals - Risk of MRLs


Since its inception in the late 1990’s, Clearfield® technology has enabled growers  to control a range of grasses and broadleaves that were previously only managed through crop rotation, in barley, canola and wheat.

Intervix (imazapyr + imazamox), was originally the only chemical registered for use in Clearfield® technology, however it now resides on the shelf amongst other Clearfield® chemicals. A common ‘alternative’ has been the use of a home brew, that at the time was considered a cheaper, ‘alternative’ (imazapic + imazapyr); however, it should be noted that by no means is this an Intervix equivalent.

While utilising imazapic in the place of imazamox may seem harmless, imazapic is an entirely different chemical and most importantly, is not legally registered for use in barley/wheat. It is important to remember that registration of a chemical in a crop deems the product safe if used in a manner dictated by the label. Consequently, because imazapic is not registered for use in-crop in barley/wheat, no maximum residue limit (MRL) is set for it in certain countries.

If an unregistered chemical, (such as imazapic) is detected in a shipment of export malt barley, the MRL defaults to 0 mg/kg and automatic rejection occurs. One shipment rejection can quickly lead to market closure, undermine market access and tarnish the name of Australia’s agricultural products both immediately and in the future.

This year, one grain accumulator has reported that 21 of 24 receival sites in Northern Victoria have Clearfield® barley exceeding the MRL. The reckless activity of applying home brews to Clearfield® malting barley destined for export, will this season lead to all deliveries being tested. If a load is found to be exceeding the stated MRL; it will result in the grower fined, legal action pursued and liability for the grain stack affected. 

It is therefore imperative to practice good stewardship by double checking the chemicals you use, follow all directions on the label and consult your agronomist if you have queries or concerns. 


Lady Beetles fly in to save the day

Yesterday we had Bugs for Bugs visit to help implement biological control program into Organic Cereals. David Loxley from Bugs for Bugs will be working alongside our allAG girls over the winter cropping season on a pilot program with lady beetles and lace wing insects to aid in control of aphids in organic cereal crops. 

This pilot program will focus on the role of insects as a biological control option in organic crops.  The pilot program will consist of a trial on organic wheat and barley crops. Initially there will be trial sites where a specific number of insects are released. The insects will be monitored and results collected to aid Bugs for Bugs ready for a commercial release of insects later in the season. 

 Lacewings - Mallada Signata 

Larvae of the green lacewing are wide-ranging predators that will attack and eat almost any small insect or eggs. Lace wing larvae are particularly effective at controlling aphids, attack mealybigs, greenhouse whitefly, thrip, two spotted mite, small caterpillars and moth eggs.  

Ladybird beetles - Harmonia conformis

These native ladybird beetles are a new biocontrol product. The adult and larvae feed on aphids and whitefly.  

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allag consulting (3).jpg

Swan Hill Chemicals offer a range of different horticultural technical services to suit our clients needs. 

Our Horticulture team pride themselves on delivering the most up to date monitoring information using the latest technology available to our growers. Current programs include monitoring of export fruit to China, Taiwan and Japan. 

Some of the services we offer; 

  • General crop monitoring
  • Export protocol monitoring 
  • Plant tissue analysis 
  • Nutrient uptake analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Soil testing
  • Carpophilus monitoring program
  • Pesticide residue (MRL) testing
  • NDVI imagery 
  • Fruit fly monitoring 

Crops included, but not limited to;

  • Stone fruit
  • Grapes
  • Almonds
  • Pistachioes
  • Citrus
  • Cucurbits
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Brassicas 
  • Pome fruit
  • Garlic 
  • Onion




J U N E | P R O M O T I O N

Share in $30,000.jpg


June Promotion 

1st Prize - Share in $30,000 Cash

2nd Prize - $2,000 travel voucher from Sun Center Travel 

Drawn on Friday 29th June 

Join us from 12pm onward for lunch and drinks

Draw to be conducted at 1pm

Eligibility / procedure 

  • Customer account to be paid in full to prior to 29th June 2018 
  • 1 ticket per $5,000 purchase in June (paid in full) 
  • 1 ticket per $5,000 advanced payment 
  • 1 ticket per $5,000 combination of both purchase and advanced payment 
  • Payments in June will first be applied to any amounts outstanding on account. 


Changes to tax law now permit enterprises under $10 000 000 gross turn over, to invest an advanced payment now. Clients are encouraged to use this opportunity to purchase chemicals and merchandise needs for the upcoming season. Advanced deposit needs to be spent prior to June 2019. This payment can be claimed as a tax deduction in the current financial year. 

Machinery option

The $20,000 instant asset write-off threshold has been extend until 30th June 2018. If you are a small business, you can immediately deduct the business portion of most assets that cost less than $20,000 each. This deduction is used for each asset that cost less than $20,000, whether new or second-hand. You claim the deduction through your tax return. At SHC we have GrainStor bag in loader machines for sale. 

Please contact our machinery salesman Wayne Hazel 0427 596 415

  • Advanced payment form to be returned to your sales person or local branch 
  • Customers will be provided with a photocopy of their completed advanced payment form and their cheque or bank receipt as proof of deposit. 
  • $20,000 prize to be drawn also, customer must be in store, must have account cleared. 
  • Any queries please contact your agronomist or local sales rep. 


For all terms and conditions please call into our stores or phone us today! 

Swan Hill Chemicals - 20 Nyah Road 03 5032 9525

Robinvale Ag Supplies - 22 Moore Street Robinvale 03 5026 1988 

Mildura Ag Supplies - 2131 15th Street Irymple 03 5024 6899


Pruning season, are you organised?

Pruning Fruit Trees (1).jpg


Winter is the best time to prune deciduous fruit trees. The aim of pruning trees is to encourage the tree to produce good quality fruit that is a good size and rich in colour and taste! Good orchard or garden hygiene is very important. After you’ve finished pruning dispose of old, rotten or unwanted plant material as these could harbor disease. 

Key Tips!! 

Invest in good quality tools 

  • Pruning saw
  • Loppers
  • Clippers
  • Thick gloves


  • Winter is the perfect time for pruning deciduous trees 
  • Never prune when the tree is flowering, always before or after

Good Pruning promotes long term growth 

  • An average of 25% of wood removed is a happy medium
  • Always remove dead wood first - they harbor disease
  • Remove broken branches, they aren't able to hold fruit. Open wounds are the perfect spot for infection to begin.  
  • Remove any branches that are rubbing or crossing other branches as they leave these areas of the tree open to disease. 
  • Removal of low hanging branches increases fruiting opportunities for other branches.
  • Opening up the tree, removing any branches in the center of tree that are restricting growth and sunlight. Trees need plenty of sunlight to encourage fruit growth! 

In our store we offer a mixture of affordable and high quality products, all of which we stock and sell spare parts that can be serviced and replaced ! If you've got something that needs fixing call in and get Dane or Tore to help you out!

We are excited to announce we're started stocking new Kamikazee range from GRUPOSANZ. Kamikazee are Japanese manufactured blades of high quality at an affordable price!

Call into 20 Nyah road and see our friendly staff for all your servicing needs and advice this pruning season. We're here to help you with all your queries, so don't hesitate to give us a call! 

We stock a large range of products that are suitable for commercial enterprises and the home garden. 

Brands we stock  

all-AG Consulting

allag consulting.jpg

all-AG Consulting & Technical Services is an independent consulting business that operates alongside Swan Hill Chemicals. We specialise in an array of summer and winter cropping both dry land and irrigated. We work with our clients to build a unique consulting experience that’s tailored to their specific enterprise. 

We provide our clients with whole farm plans detailing individual crop templates and recommendations based on in field monitoring. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology use in agriculture. We utilise NDVI  / intra-red satellite imagery, on farm pest surveillance monitoring and application tools that collaborate data which is accessible in field.

Our team of agronomists come with a wealth of knowledge and eagerness to learn. We incorporate on the job training for all our staff and encourage them to think outside the square and grow with their clients. 

 For all your winter cropping needs check out our seasonal consulting packages, these can be accessed by e-mailing one of our advisors.  Programs can be tailor made to suit your business. Our programs include up to date information about new and emerging chemicals, technology updates and industry field days.

If you’d like to discuss what options we can provide your business or receive a quote please contact us via e-mail.  

Our services 

  • Farm planning
  • Agronomy services
  • In crop monitoring
  • Satellite imagery 
  • UAV technology
  • Soil and leaf analysis
  • Pest management
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.09.44 am.png

Our Team

Natalie Ercket, Johanna Morgan, Charleton Glenn


An opportunity exists for someone who enjoys practical and manual work to join our warehousing and dispatch team as a storeperson / deliver driver. 

The applicant will be responsible primarily for the receival, dispatch and storage of goods on our Nyah Rd and Stradbroke Ave Warehouses, but also some on farm and interbranch deliveries. 

Prospective applicants need to be physically fit and have an eye for detail regarding stock control. Good organisational and computer skills are essential. Previous warehousing and dispatch experience will be looked upon favourably. A current forklift licence is preferred but not essential, heavy rigid truck licence and dangerous goods licence would be highly advantageous. 

All application, resumes or further inquiries for a detailed job descriptions to be directed to. 

The Operations Manager, 

0427 331 467

20 Nyah Road, Swan Hill 3585