Pruning season, are you organised?

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Winter is the best time to prune deciduous fruit trees. The aim of pruning trees is to encourage the tree to produce good quality fruit that is a good size and rich in colour and taste! Good orchard or garden hygiene is very important. After you’ve finished pruning dispose of old, rotten or unwanted plant material as these could harbor disease. 

Key Tips!! 

Invest in good quality tools 

  • Pruning saw
  • Loppers
  • Clippers
  • Thick gloves


  • Winter is the perfect time for pruning deciduous trees 
  • Never prune when the tree is flowering, always before or after

Good Pruning promotes long term growth 

  • An average of 25% of wood removed is a happy medium
  • Always remove dead wood first - they harbor disease
  • Remove broken branches, they aren't able to hold fruit. Open wounds are the perfect spot for infection to begin.  
  • Remove any branches that are rubbing or crossing other branches as they leave these areas of the tree open to disease. 
  • Removal of low hanging branches increases fruiting opportunities for other branches.
  • Opening up the tree, removing any branches in the center of tree that are restricting growth and sunlight. Trees need plenty of sunlight to encourage fruit growth! 

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