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all-AG Consulting & Technical Services is an independent consulting business that operates alongside Swan Hill Chemicals. We specialise in an array of summer and winter cropping both dry land and irrigated. We work with our clients to build a unique consulting experience that’s tailored to their specific enterprise. 

We provide our clients with whole farm plans detailing individual crop templates and recommendations based on in field monitoring. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology use in agriculture. We utilise NDVI  / intra-red satellite imagery, on farm pest surveillance monitoring and application tools that collaborate data which is accessible in field.

Our team of agronomists come with a wealth of knowledge and eagerness to learn. We incorporate on the job training for all our staff and encourage them to think outside the square and grow with their clients. 

 For all your winter cropping needs check out our seasonal consulting packages, these can be accessed by e-mailing one of our advisors.  Programs can be tailor made to suit your business. Our programs include up to date information about new and emerging chemicals, technology updates and industry field days.

If you’d like to discuss what options we can provide your business or receive a quote please contact us via e-mail.  

Our services 

  • Farm planning
  • Agronomy services
  • In crop monitoring
  • Satellite imagery 
  • UAV technology
  • Soil and leaf analysis
  • Pest management
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Our Team

Natalie Ercket, Johanna Morgan, Charleton Glenn