Fostering client relationships

Tuesday 9th May 2017

On the banks of Lake Boga over a BBQ lunch administration staff from Swan Hill Chemicals and Kilter Rural came together to foster their working relationship.

A lunch put on by SHC staff welcomed Kilter Rural’s administration team from Bendigo along with farm staff from their Lake Boga farm to engage and meet SHC staff. The luncheon provided staff from both companies with the opportunity to put faces to names and build relationships with people who they have previously only known a voice.

The outing included a tree planting activity for Kilter Rural Staff to have a first hand experience of what’s happening on the ground at farm level and get their hands dirty. SHC administration team were privy to a farm tour from in-house broadacre agronomists. Staff were lucky enough to witness the beginning of picking cotton, some even getting a front row view from inside the picker. They were shown winter crops for 2017 as crop emergence is visible now and also got an insight into the operations of the plum orchard and the value adding process that occurs.

Overall a successful day fostering relationships and educating all members of our staff not only in the office but in the field as well.