ICC: Irrigated Cropping Council : Field Day

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 

Crop & Connect Field day run by Irrigated Cropping Council featured information sessions discussing  summer cropping options in Northern Victoria. The day focused specifically on Maize and Sorghum production.

Key take home messages from our Broadacre Agronomists below


  • Paddock selection should be based upon soil types that have good drainage 
  • Soil temperature should be at a minimum of 16 degrees prior to planting and continually rising, remembering that irrigating will reduce soil temperature by 2-3 degrees. 
  • Sowing depth should be between 3-8 cm
  • Establishment rates should be worked out prior to making decisions regarding re-sowing. 


  • Crossbred varieties area 'safer' option
  • Sudan grasses are considered superior due to their ability to tolerate stressful conditions
  • Research has proven sorghum outgrows millet by 30%, this is attributed to the hybridised Sudan grasses.  
  • Grazing sorghum needs to be fed with hay or nutritional supplement 
  • Sorghum varieties cannot be grazed under 60cm in height due to production of prussic acid (cyanide) which is reduced as biomass increases. This can pose a toxicity issue and livestock become sick .