Grain Hog Bag Filler

Farmers looking to invest in on farm storage this harvest, come into Swan Hill Chemicals and check out our latest Grain Bagging Machines! 

Features include:

  • Hydraulic lift 
  • 2 in Ram (10 tonne lifting capacity)
  • Quick release tray 
  • Disc Brakes 
  • 2 sets of adjustable turnbuckles for angling the machine when in use
  • Vinyl covers for grain spillage 
  • Quick release flap under hopper to disperse water (if raining)
  • All  terrain tyres
  • Direct drive for PTO 
  • Adjustable arm for tightening / loosening the bag 
  • Adjustable arm for the braking system 
  • 2 poles for opening hopper lid / rain covers 

Inquires: Wayne Hazel 

  • Mobile: 0427 596 415
  • E-mail: 
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ICC: Irrigated Cropping Council : Field Day

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 

Crop & Connect Field day run by Irrigated Cropping Council featured information sessions discussing  summer cropping options in Northern Victoria. The day focused specifically on Maize and Sorghum production.

Key take home messages from our Broadacre Agronomists below


  • Paddock selection should be based upon soil types that have good drainage 
  • Soil temperature should be at a minimum of 16 degrees prior to planting and continually rising, remembering that irrigating will reduce soil temperature by 2-3 degrees. 
  • Sowing depth should be between 3-8 cm
  • Establishment rates should be worked out prior to making decisions regarding re-sowing. 


  • Crossbred varieties area 'safer' option
  • Sudan grasses are considered superior due to their ability to tolerate stressful conditions
  • Research has proven sorghum outgrows millet by 30%, this is attributed to the hybridised Sudan grasses.  
  • Grazing sorghum needs to be fed with hay or nutritional supplement 
  • Sorghum varieties cannot be grazed under 60cm in height due to production of prussic acid (cyanide) which is reduced as biomass increases. This can pose a toxicity issue and livestock become sick .

Fostering client relationships

Tuesday 9th May 2017

On the banks of Lake Boga over a BBQ lunch administration staff from Swan Hill Chemicals and Kilter Rural came together to foster their working relationship.

A lunch put on by SHC staff welcomed Kilter Rural’s administration team from Bendigo along with farm staff from their Lake Boga farm to engage and meet SHC staff. The luncheon provided staff from both companies with the opportunity to put faces to names and build relationships with people who they have previously only known a voice.

The outing included a tree planting activity for Kilter Rural Staff to have a first hand experience of what’s happening on the ground at farm level and get their hands dirty. SHC administration team were privy to a farm tour from in-house broadacre agronomists. Staff were lucky enough to witness the beginning of picking cotton, some even getting a front row view from inside the picker. They were shown winter crops for 2017 as crop emergence is visible now and also got an insight into the operations of the plum orchard and the value adding process that occurs.

Overall a successful day fostering relationships and educating all members of our staff not only in the office but in the field as well.  

Chislett Farm field day

Friday 5th May 2017

Every year Chislett Farms open their doors and invited the public in. They showcase and share their love of citrus farming and success with variety M7. Friday 5th May farm gates at Kenley were opened up to 30+ citrus growers and professionals from across Sunraysia and Murray valley growing regions.

Our horticulture team were fortunate to attend the day. Greg Chislet covered a range of topics including the planting process, rootstock compatibility, crop manipulation, and 2017 market potential & crop forecast. Growers were offered a taste test of two variety M7 and Navalina to showcase differences.

After the presentation orchard manager, took the group on a tour around the orchard, stopping off at multiple blocks including oranges, mandarins and lemons. After the orchard tour the SHC boys fired up BBQ and cooked lunch. The day concluded with an incite into breeding program and tour of nursery showcasing genetics that chislets have been so successful in producing.