Now specialising in a range of machinery to cover every aspect of your operation.


Swan Hill Chemicals are now the National Distributors of Enviromist and Micron Spray Equipment.

For over 20 years Swan Hill Chemicals have specialised in ATV and tractor mounted herbicide and pesticide spray units. We also stock a large range of hand held units for the home, business and farm. Today we distribute parts and units all across Australia.

Enviromist and Micron Group are a leading manufacturer of specialist sprayers and weed control equipment for a wide range of applications worldwide.

With over five decades of industry experience, Micron products offer uncompromised quality, durability and ease of use. As pioneers of Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology, they are invested heavily in market research and innovation to deliver quality products that enhance and protect our customers’ businesses.

Proven and used in over a hundred countries across the globe, Enviromist and Micron products are tailored to meet the varying needs of specific industries which include aerial spraying, horticulture and viticulture, agriculture, animal and public health, forestry and migrant pest control.

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We have been using enviromist for around 15 years now. We’ve seen a lot of advantages with using enviromist over conventional spraying methods. These include saving water, running smaller and lighter gear as opposed to larger tractors and tanks meaning less fuel and soil compaction. Also the enviromist controlled droplets give us an even coverage and safer reduced drift. This allows us to reduce the chance of damage to trees or vines and gives us extended time in the orchards to manage weeds.
— F & K Infantino
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